Silence of the nights.

No! I've not stolen this thought from you. I too think there's something special, something eerily beautiful about nights; nights filled with silence. I can stare at the walls for no reason. I can laugh on my own. I can scream inside my head. Well! I can even contemplate on world problems and the meaning … Continue reading Silence of the nights.


Class 6. Coimbatore. Same School. Same Class. Coincidence? I doubt it. Science class. Chapter 10. The Human Body. Eyes. You had the prettiest. Hands. I wanted to hold yours. Heart. You bloody stole mine. Maths Class. I was fond of numbers. My roll number was 4. Yours 16. 4 square 16. Coincidence? No! I was … Continue reading Coincidence.


Kareri Lake Trek: This trek is a relatively lesser explored trek on a glacier lake.  For an avid traveller looking forward to explore the Himalayas, Kareri Lake trek is a promising one that is filled with spruce trees, a serene stream and green meadows. A night at the Kareri Lake under the moonlight will entice … Continue reading KARERI LAKE TREK: A STRIKINGLY BEAUTIFUL WEEKEND GETAWAY

Dialogue. An end to mark a new beginning.

"Sometimes the greatest adventure is simply a conversation" - Amadeus Wolfe. Its been almost a year since I started Dialogue. A forum that brought people together to create, share and discuss ideas. I started this forum with a single idea of enhancing communication and discussions among people to add value both at an individual level … Continue reading Dialogue. An end to mark a new beginning.

Moments and Promises.

Those moments they wander, urge and yearn for more amidst the clouds of despair where the memories daunt and the hope awakens. Moments where my lips parted under the darkness from her freckled cheeks and my mind embraced the thoughts of distilled solitude.   My promises are no more alive neither in her claims nor … Continue reading Moments and Promises.

Wonderwoman – Defying the norms.

After ‘The Dark Knight’ trilogy, Wonderwoman is the superhero film that kept me hooked. Given the fact that I’m not a comic buff, this movie taught me so much more. A superhero film on a female lead directed by a female director – Just Wow! – What a movie. But perhaps, that’s where I’m wrong … Continue reading Wonderwoman – Defying the norms.