Game Changers

I had dreams and fantasies as a kid, like everyone else. Dreams that were way too ambitious. I wanted to be a space traveler, a billionaire philanthropist, a prime minister and the list goes on. My dreams seemed impossible and over ambitious, and just as I started growing up, I started giving up. No, I'm … Continue reading Game Changers

Life and that bitch called passion

Flying high above the ocean, the wings pushing the sun farther and farther away. White clouds reaching for infinity and the horizon dividing blue layers into sky and water. I was searching for something that doesn’t exist and trying to run away from something that I can never get away from. Patronizing as it may … Continue reading Life and that bitch called passion

Words define who you are

Words can break a long silence but they can also create one. Words go down deep into a person’s soul. Words can comfort or humiliate us, make us laugh or cry, find us peace or incite violence. Words have created fights, divorces, murders and wars. Words that we use can be uplifting or detrimental. Fortunately … Continue reading Words define who you are

Fear of oblivion

It was a Saturday morning. Neither a perfect nor an usual one but it definitely was a tiring journey. The road was too busy for leisurely contemplation of the scenery, so, I decided to do what I love doing; gathering my scattered thoughts. From passion to fame and love to fear, my thoughts rekindled an … Continue reading Fear of oblivion

She laid there by my side, silently staring at me. Thoughts kept creeping in and that took a toll on my sleep. Like every other night. I closed my eyes trying to shut everything. All of a sudden, I felt her soft hand running over my forehead swiping my hair to one side. Her fingers … Continue reading