Waves of Thought


Faith lost,trust broken,love unnoticed
staring at the beautiful sea,I was left menaced.
Thoughts flowing like waves, just too real
and this pain hurts, only time would heal.

By the seaside,standing on the sand,
watching the soul walk away from my hand
In search of life beyond an escapist or a dreamer
till it came back to me as an enlightened stranger.

Just like the shadow of hope that life threw
time and again, this continued and my thirst grew.
Hoping the waves would wash away my tear
and give me the courage to beat all my fear.

Yet the waves fell,withdrew and fell again
but never did they give up or let go in vain.
Embracing the wave,a new life bestowed upon me,
a light of harmony hit my eyes,as far as I could see.

The waves and I became one at peace
just as I surrendered,all my pain did cease
I decided to simply turn my life around
within me an everlasting light I found




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