You say what you think. I write what I feel. Yet, we are lost for words when we meet.

Thank you, for coming along. As much as I’d have preferred staying back on my bed and sleeping away to glory, I equally enjoy admiring the beauty of nature. We are half way through the trek and I just want to sit down by the river side staring at the crystal clear water and spend the rest of the evening in solitude. But you wouldn’t leave me alone. You just want us to reach the destination at the earliest.

Okay! Let’s do it as you wish but give me 5 minutes.

That amazing feel when you sit on the rock downstream and the water droplets sprinkle over your face while you throw a little smile? More like nature’s way of seducing you with it’s touch. How I wish everything paused for a while!

It’s 6am in the morning and I’m wide awake. You should wake up too. I know it was a difficult trek but then I asked you to stay away from the old Monk. I guess, he has had his influence. Oh! Look at that beauty. The sun rising over the snow-caped mountains with it’s infinitely finite rays dancing with the colours of the sky. It indeed is magical when the rays manage to escape the snow on one side and reach for the greener patch on the other side, far below.

The last time, you took me on a long drive to a beautiful lake. Not just the flowers, even the mountains seemed to be changing colours as we kept driving. From dark green to light brown and then from grey to white, as we reached the lake. I don’t have words to explain how beautiful it was. I spent the whole night with my diary under the mesmerizing moonlight. You were more worried about the pending work back home than enjoying the subtle beauty of nature.


You know the best places to visit. And even better places to put up the tent. Through the woods, by the lakeside and on the edge of mountains to see the perfect sunrise, to smell the freshest air, to taste the rain drops, to find snow and to hear the silent echoes. Yet, you seem to be missing this moment. Nevertheless, would you like to catch some porn? I mean cloudporn. Even that is captivating here. I guess we have two hours left to start on our return journey. I know we have time left on the clock. Let’s walk back slowly.


I’m glad we are taking our own time through the woods. The smell of fresh air mixed with the smell of wet mud and the smell of fresh leaves has triggered some kind of chemical reaction inside my brain. I’m losing myself just as I wanted to.

Hold on! I thought we were not going to hurry up. Just look around. It all looks the same till beyond the horizon, yet extraordinary. Let’s reach for the horizon.

Until we meet again.

It took us 3 months to convince each other on this one. It’s a special feeling sitting on the shore and wetting our legs as the waves keep coming back to us. I need to tell you something. Well, beaches have been my go to place to either fix my heart or break it. And, you know what? I’ve been meaning to tell you this for a while now. I don’t think it’s working out between us. You’re wildly ambitious and I’m a simple being. You want to reach for the stars. I just want to lie down here and stare at them.


You want to travel the world, touch every nook and corner. I just want to spend time getting lost at some place.

It’s tough making choices with you. We should figure a way out. But one thing is true, if I ever let you dominate over me, we’re done forever.

I think you’re special. You don’t think I even exist.
For we are lost between you and me.

And it’s funny how the world still sees you and me together. Together as one.
Let’s put our differences aside. Let’s love us and conquer the world.

~Making peace with my alter ego~


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