Fear of oblivion

It was a Saturday morning. Neither a perfect nor an usual one but it definitely was a tiring journey. The road was too busy for leisurely contemplation of the scenery, so, I decided to do what I love doing; gathering my scattered thoughts. From passion to fame and love to fear, my thoughts rekindled an uncomfortable feeling in me yet they were evanescent.

And all of a sudden, it dawned upon me that overcoming my fear can help find passion, love and fame.Well, what do I fear? Not heights, not loneliness and definitely not mortality. I fear the oblivion. It was a moment of epiphany and a plethora of thoughts were swirling in my mind that seemed evocative but sluggish.


I was lost and I was confused, I wondered if it is eternity that I long for or the shroud of oblivion that bothers me.To be lost in thoughts, generally helps me discover something about me but this time it seemed like I had almost given up. Given up on the belief that I can overcome my fear of oblivion. We humans are, in fact, oblivious and everything that has been or everything that will ever be in this universe will fall under the oblivion.

All of us have that something in our hearts that long for eternity and we somehow feel that we are not meant to be forgotten once the world is done. Though we live in a temporal and fallen world, we still crave for eternity. We all want a shot at fame because we feel that’s the only way we can be remembered for the longest time. Maybe a decade, a century or a millennium in the future.

Eventually, everything fades away because nothing lasts forever. There will come a time when no human being might exist to remember anything that was ever done by us. I know not when that will happen but this revelation made me realize that I can overcome fear of oblivion only if I choose to accept it.

It was tough to accept. It was a tough fight. I lost the fight but then I won my life back in the process. The universe existed before when there was no consciousness and the universe will exist after. Now I know that if the fear of oblivion ever haunts me, I can ignore it because human oblivion is inevitable.


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