She laid there by my side, silently staring at me. Thoughts kept creeping in and that took a toll on my sleep. Like every other night. I closed my eyes trying to shut everything. All of a sudden, I felt her soft hand running over my forehead swiping my hair to one side. Her fingers…Read more



I'm writing this to you because I can't take it anymore, I don't know why I like you or why I'm insecure. You came to me with promises and joy, Now look at my life, how you destroy. And sometimes when you're just there to hurt, Even during my strongest times, I may need comfort.…Read more You


Dreams, a wonderland full of uncertainty, everything possible, no question of legality unspoken desires, passionate dreams revived, where sensual and sexual experiences are lived a beautiful world, indeed a very beautiful world, where deepest secrets and mysteries unfold as the world floats in this flow of stream, life is just a window in this castle…Read more Dreams

The Mysteries

For the man on the street, science sounds too intimidating and soulless. It is hard to appreciate it’s significance. Most of us are aware only about Newton’s apple story and Einstein’s famous e=mc^2. Science just like philosophy, remains obscure and detached. While most of us feel uninterested in science, half way through school, every time…Read more The Mysteries


You laugh when I laugh and you glean my thought, See me cry and understand why I ever fought. You show everything just the way it has been, I reflect in mostly whatever I have seen. A great pair when together but when apart, You get so cruel and throw me from your heart. No…Read more Mirror