I hate that.

The clock struck 12 and it was midnight. The clouds roared and poured heavily outside. But the storm ran inside her heart. She had waited for half an hour. He was supposed to call her. Each time she heard his voice, it was a tender moment and that gave her a warm, content, relaxed feeling. … Continue reading I hate that.

How lucky are you?

A man and a woman kissed each other and loved each other, 9 months before you were born. The thing which changed the course of their lives forever, among the many other things that were about to happen to them. They loved you, and showed it, in excess, in abandon, it must have been amazing, … Continue reading How lucky are you?

Travel Diaries – Part 5

I was in a dilemma whether or not to travel that weekend. I had choices in my head, and the mountains called me again. It was peak monsoon time and the threat of landslides as well as slippery trails warned me against taking a solo trip. I had been wanting to make an adventurous one … Continue reading Travel Diaries – Part 5

I Break My Silence

I feel ashamed to have been that individual who used to stare at women until getting caught in the act. Sometimes intentionally, sometimes unintentionally. I didn't realize the crime I was committing until a while ago. I don't know how many people I've made feel uncomfortable just by staring at them. It took me a while … Continue reading I Break My Silence


"You are 1 person, out of 7 billion people, on 1 planet, out of 8 planets, in 1 star system, out of 100 billion star systems, in 1 galaxy, out of 100 billion galaxies. And you are enormously insignificant. Out of 100 billion galaxies, existing in 100 billion star systems, out of 7 billion people, … Continue reading Dialogue.

Random Acts of Kindness

“It's the small ordinary acts of kindness that create an extraordinary impact.” It was a random conversation with Sanjita,a friend of mine when we were having this particular discussion about how making others happy is the key reason to true happiness that we stumbled upon the concept of Random Acts of Kindness(RAK) week. We decided … Continue reading Random Acts of Kindness