Random Acts of Kindness

“It’s the small ordinary acts of kindness that create an extraordinary impact.”

It was a random conversation with Sanjita,a friend of mine when we were having this particular discussion about how making others happy is the key reason to true happiness that we stumbled upon the concept of Random Acts of Kindness(RAK) week. We decided we would experiment on this and thus, it started. With just 2 people, we decided to go ahead with 2 events – “Collecting food and clothes from the haves and distributing them to have nots”. Later it became a team of 5, and then we grew bigger to a team consisting of 50 members. All of us were random bunch of people that got united for one reason. We scaled the event to 14 ideas for a week long period. Our only aim was to create the most beautiful thing on Earth – Smiles.

RAK WEEK Chandigarh

A random act of kindness is a selfless act performed by a person or people wishing either to assist or to cheer up an individual person or people. Through this event, we intended to spread smiles as well as practice kindness and pass it on. With this motive in mind, we wanted to create maximum number of smiles across tri-city. We wanted to reach out to different sections of the society.

On day 1, we gave free lifts to people waiting at bus stops and round-abouts in our own cars. We also went to Sukhna Lake, starting singing songs,playing guitar and we gathered people around to sing along and create smiles. We also hoped on to buses randomly and sang famous songs, got the public involved and changed the atmosphere from a normal state to a happy state.

On day 2, we visited SPCA, fed the animals with bread as well as milk. We had also planned to visit PGI to give away medals as a token of appreciation for the wonderful work they do in safeguarding our lives. But the event couldn’t happen due to permission issues. On day 3, we gathered some street kids together, taught them to dance and shot a video. The amount of happiness they radiated can never be compared to anything. We also spent time with Rickshaw-wallas, driving rickshaw for them for a change and treating them to tea and sandwich.

On day 4, we organized Free hugs and Free Hi-5 event along with distribution of toffees to kids and balloons to elderly people. In fact, such smallest acts create the happiest faces. On day 5, we spread love across Chandigarh by dropping random love letters to strangers and giving stick-ons that read, ‘Have A Nice Day’, ‘ Stay awesome’, ‘Keep Smiling’ etc. We also put up the stick-ons on random bikes and cars just so that people drive back with happy faces. On day 6, we distributed food and clothes to the underprivileged.

On day 7, we thanked people who help us daily without expecting in return by giving away smiley balls, hand made ‘thank you’ cards and medals to traffic policemen, auto-rickshaw drivers, security guards etc. We also acted as messengers of hope as we went to daily vendors and purchased balloons, candies,notebooks and distributed it to people for free. The idea was to instill hope,spend some time with the vendors and listen to their hearts. The seven day long week was the happiest week in my life. I didn’t realize the power of creating smiles until then. We never expected it to grow so big. The best part was the interest showed by random people on facebook to be part of this initiative. The energy level seemed really high. I’m a strong believer in creating the ripple effect of happiness and kindness. And to have found 50 bunch of random people believing in what I believe was something really special.

On the last but one day of RAK week,I dropped a friend at her place and then I went to sector-36 lights to take an auto at 10.30pm. It was a tiring day and to my disbelief I couldn’t find one. I decided to walk back, I thought it’d just take about half an hour. I walked half way through thinking about how RAK has evolved. Then I saw an old guy stop his bike 50m ahead of me. Just when I reached him, he asked, ”beta, kahan Jana hai tumhe?”. I replied, “phase-2”. He said that he’d drop me. Then I thought, one week back we organized free lifts(HAPPY RIDES) and here is a man offering me one. I couldn’t have felt better. As I was nearing the destination, he asked me where I exactly stayed and insisted that he’d drop me home. We reached, I thanked and hugged him and then he took off. I went to sleep with a smile on my face. There are beautiful people around, just like us and I realized we should continue spreading smiles.

Camouflaging myself with smiles and the aesthetic atmosphere of the city, I found happiness,moments of bliss and the sense of family like never before. The entire event organized didn’t seem like an obligation at any moment, all of us worked with so much passion and happiness, words are not enough to describe how proud and happy about having organized the event. We did attain the pinnacle of happiness and kindness during these 7 days. Such life. Such energy. Such joy. Such happiness. It was humbling and heartwarming; I sure do want to go back again.


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