Dream Camp. Throwback. 2014

Dream Camp.

So much work, so many meetings, we ran around like crazy fools and yet we managed to pull it off with great panache just to see those beautiful smiles. Beautiful days – Tears of joy, heart touching moments to be cherished and one beautiful family to be thankful for. To see the amount of passion and dedication in MADsters and to work alongside each one of them is a special feeling.
Isn’t it ironic, You work for others’ happiness and you feel euphoric? the days that you work your ass off but with love and passion, teach you the most important things in life?
I’ve learned so many things, so many beautiful things that I can hold for a life time during these 2 dream camps.

1. Love.
Looking at the mentors showering the kids with so much love, taking care of them I was left speechless as I heard this from a friend, ‘when the kids got on to the bus to leave, I felt like a part of me is leaving’. If spending two days with kids could mean so much to both kids and the mentor, I realized how much we mean to our parents and our loved ones.

2. Giving is the key to receiving.
Make someone smile and that will make your day 🙂 Watching these kids smile, there is nothing more beautiful in life.

3. We take life too seriously when it is simple and we take things for granted.
These kids, I mean they have gone through shit that most of us can’t imagine yet they live in the present making the best out of what they have. And here,look at us. We live life like it is an obligation. We have got so much to learn

4. The simplest things matter the most.
It’s not money or a high flying career that gives you happiness but a simple smile, a hug, a group dance and doing what you love the most.

5. Work for one cause together and you’ll see a beautiful family blossom – TriMADrum, I love my family.

Camouflaging myself with the aesthetic atmosphere of the camp, I found happiness, moments of bliss and a sense of family like never before. The entire camp organized didn’t seem like an obligation at any moment, all of us worked with so much passion and dedication, words are not enough to describe how proud I feel about having worked with you all. We did attain the pinnacle of MADness.

Such life. Such energy. Such joy. Such beauty. It was humbling and heartwarming. I sure do want to go back again.


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