How lucky are you?

A man and a woman kissed each other and loved each other, 9 months before you were born. The thing which changed the course of their lives forever, among the many other things that were about to happen to them. They loved you, and showed it, in excess, in abandon, it must have been amazing, and a little scary. You were folded into their arms without asking, without begging. You had never felt this wanted, this important, to anyone. How blessed are you?


You fought a million other sperms at one moment to win that race unconsciously or rather, even before your consciousness took form in the shape of you. It took you a decade or two to become the person that you’re today. You happened by chance, you were unconditionally loved by two most special souls, you took your own time to become the amazing person you’re. You have the ability to learn from your mistakes and your failures. You have the power to show compassion and empathy. You have the power to make this world a better place. How awesome are you?

You were born at the exact place, at the exact time to the exact people. You were not born to fight for food each day, you do not have to constantly live out of fear of being shot dead, you do not have to have to struggle to get educated. You, probably, are fighting your own battle, fighting to make your life better but the fact that you’re ready to fight, speaks volumes. You’re able to sit back comfortably and read this. You have the power to make a difference in someone’s life. You have the ability to choose what you need in life. How lucky are you?



You have that set of people by your side with whom you create your own dreams and you are always in touch, in sync, and in love. You sit together, talk about everything under the sun, make fun of each other and laugh your heart out. You’ve that one person in your life with whom you can squeeze under the blanket, cuddle to sleep and lose yourself in another world. You have that one faithful pet whose languages don’t match and yet you have such meaningful conversations. How loved are you?

Well, I’m lucky and blessed to have most have the things I mentioned above. I’m glad I can chose to be awesome and I’m glad I’m being loved. And, so are you.

“You are 1 person, out of 7 billion people, on 1 planet, out of 8 planets, in 1 star system, out of 100 billion star systems, in 1 galaxy, out of 100 billion galaxies. And you are enormously insignificant.
Out of 100 billion galaxies, existing in 100 billion star systems, out of 7 billion people, you have your own unique genetic makeup, your thumbprint is yours alone. You can create art, and write a song, and are depended upon by others that love you. You are enormously significant.”


PictureCredits – quotesgram, boardsofwisdom


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