I hate that.

The clock struck 12 and it was midnight. The clouds roared and poured heavily outside. But the storm ran inside her heart. She had waited for half an hour. He was supposed to call her. Each time she heard his voice, it was a tender moment and that gave her a warm, content, relaxed feeling.

They had known each other since childhood but they emerged closer when he moved away farther. He travelled the world and thoughts about him kept travelling her mind, all day, all night long.

Mixed feelings and emotions ran through her. Her fingers stayed cross but they were restless.

The artist in her found a pen and picked up a blank page.

She was confused what to write. But she wanted to write her heart out. She wanted to fill what was empty, with the most powerful and the most beautiful message ever.

“I miss you.” That’s all what she could think of.

The next drafted words from the tip of her pen were – “Let’s escape.”

The phone rang and her heart pounced. The display showed his name and her lips curved in happiness.

Unusually, he started the call with a “Sorry!”, instead of her name with a stretch of the last letter that usually symbolized the excitement. And that was followed by  seven more “sorry”s in a breathless manner, for eight was her favorite number. The number was deeply rooted in his mind.

“I hate you”, she replied.

“I made you wait and I hate that”, he threw his words instantaneously.

“It’s raining here and you’re not around, I hate that”, she tried to flirt.

“We are miles apart and I hate that”, he reciprocated.

“I have to wait to meet you and I hate that”, she spoke the truth. He was speechless.

They could hear each other’s silence and they felt it. The generally talkative and never-out-of -topics person that she is, was lost for words. And that was the most powerful conversation they had before they started talking about how their day went and how their week went.

They finished their conversation an hour later which ended with what his next destination was and how they wished to meet each other at the place which he called his dream destination. Little did he know that for her, a place with him by default was her dream destination.

That night, like every other night, an untold story of a beautiful  bond resurfaced. They were divided by distance and time but stayed united by a bond. A bond with no label. A bond that was unique only to them. Once more, she decided to give it time. She was not sure if destiny had written her for him. But she knew her destiny was blessed.

He for her, remained an undefined feeling. Maybe, love wasn’t the word. Or maybe, it was. She couldn’t write more on the page but she wrote her life and he edited it beautifully, taking no credits.


ImageCredits – quotesvalley







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