Memoirs – Part 2

A Moment

I sat there on a hilltop by the lake side. Covered by snow on all sides and left with a million stars to gaze. Nobody for company and yet I wasn’t alone. The sky above was like a beautiful soul that my eyes were glued to. Lost in time and space for a moment. A moment so breathtaking, not sure where it came from or where it went. A moment that made me skip my heartbeat cut through me before I could notice. That moment was all I ever needed.

A Kiss

It was not just a moment of pleasure, but a memory itched. I do miss the smell under her earlobes, the warmth of her hug, the love we made, the silence we shared, the beauty in her eyes but I miss the taste of her lips the most. I’ve kissed a few many but that kiss was different. For I know I would never kiss her again no matter what, just to keep longing for it forever.

A Dream

Sometimes, it lasts long. Sometimes, it falls short. It is the only world where I wake up after I die. It keeps me safe from reality. It helps me live the life I  design. It lets me date my crush. Sleep is where I build my castle of dreams. Sometimes, I want to sleep no more, for one day, I will sleep forever.

A Hug
A hug lets me express so much without a single spoken word. A hug for me is when you and I become one for a moment. A moment so long that I wish it never ends. A hug, a tight hug when I’m lost in you and your heartbeat becomes mine, I feel the best. I feel alive.



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