He was waiting

When she wakes up every morning, ask her what things will make her happy for the day, and she will say: being with family, eating good food, working out to lose that extra pound of weight, having rewarding, meaningful conversations with friends, going an extra mile at workplace, dreaming about her goals, learning about interesting things and so on. Ask her what will make her happy for the night, and she will say: talking to him about anything and everything under the sun.

She stays miles away from him and each day the distance grows but her heart inches closer to him. She is not comfortable with ambiguity and uncertainty, but she is willing to march forward. Her passion for their bond, consumes her. Her desire to pursue the undefined, defines her. Her dreams about moments with him, fuels her.


Each moment she talks to him or she thinks about him, she stores that moment as a beautiful memory.

She lives for that moment.

She obsesses over that moment.

She breathes tirelessly to seize that moment.

She sacrifices everything to be in that moment.

Each moment holds a story within.

She had her own story etched in the blank pages of life, like the stars dazzling in the night sky holding on to their little secrets. She had been through tough times. She was not sure if there was somebody who would make her feel special until she found that he was waiting. A new story was waiting. A whole new life was waiting.

He is now her artist whose stroke of brush touches upon the canvas of her life.

She hasn’t seen him for the day. She is not sure when will be the day.

She shall see him some other day.

Some other time.

He is worth it. And much more.


ImageCredits – Boardsofwisdom




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