An unexpected twist to an ordinary tale.

She said she wanted to meet me as she had something to confess. I never had the courage to tell her the truth. I was slightly happy and largely nervous to meet her. Little did I know that all my dreams, all my hopes and all my imaginary plans that I had built would be … Continue reading An unexpected twist to an ordinary tale.

Stop and smile.

There are a few days when life seems perfect and there are most days when it's an effort to even get up from bed. There are days when you don't want to move and you want be alone. There are days when you're lost in your own thoughts, worrying about things. You'd probably feelgood to … Continue reading Stop and smile.

Travel Diaries – Part 7

It's not always easy to plan a solo trip on low budget. But a solo trip let's you make your own plans, create your own experiences and live your own moments. And this particular trip of mine to Rajasthan helped me explore a little more on my own and enjoy a little more in my … Continue reading Travel Diaries – Part 7

Let his mind unfold

His dreams had no boundaries and his thoughts no limitations, yet the fear of oblivion overpowered his reach for right destinations. He was in search of love, devoid of attachments. While fear of failure controlled his movements. Fear held on to him, dancing along with the wind. He was trapped, not wanting to leave any … Continue reading Let his mind unfold

The most beautiful bond

I'm reading a book sitting by the window seat, on the bus, desperately waiting to finish the chapter. The moment I finish, I look beside and find a woman, probably in her late twenties, playing with her daughter. They are completely in the moment. The daughter is probably 2 years old or so. I sometimes … Continue reading The most beautiful bond

The gift of life

We constantly search for purpose in our lives, constantly wanting to be someone who we haven't yet understood completely. The quest worries us more than it excites us. The countless dreams we are yet to achieve and the indefinite moments we are yet to live scare the living daylights out of us, for the fear … Continue reading The gift of life

Joy of Giving

Lost in the valley of thoughts, in search of purpose and happiness, I’ve been drifting away from this beautiful journey called life. Reminiscing the past, dreaming about the future but hardly living in the present, just as I thought I’d lost control, I discovered something that altered my life all together; the joy of giving. … Continue reading Joy of Giving