Joy of Giving

Lost in the valley of thoughts, in search of purpose and happiness, I’ve been drifting away from this beautiful journey called life. Reminiscing the past, dreaming about the future but hardly living in the present, just as I thought I’d lost control, I discovered something that altered my life all together; the joy of giving.


I dream of a world where people help each other and enrich the beauty of sharing and giving. This might sound clichéd, but the realization is a long yet wonderful feeling. The very first example starts at home. Parents, who give us all the love in this world are perhaps, the ones who feel the happiest and proudest when we get successful. Therein lies the joy of giving. You grow by giving and not receiving.

Think about it, when you shower love towards someone, lend some money or care to help, the sense of gratitude shown, gives you happiness. You don’t need to be rich to give; it could be your skill, your talent or your love. When you see people unhappy, just give your smile and see how it lights them up.

The more you give, the more you receive

Having worked for an organization that empowers children at risk, I always wanted to give my best but that wasn’t the case always. I learned more than what I taught. I tried giving my maximum but I ended up receiving more. More love, more life lessons, and more joy. The first time I entered a shelter home, I thought it would be filled with darkness and despair, hoping that I’ll bring about the change. I was proved wrong; I was left speechless when I witnessed the kids bringing in so much energy and happiness like never before.

To find yourself, lose yourself in the service

Perhaps, they said it right, “True happiness is found while serving others.” I kid you not; you’ll reap the joy of seeing a bright smile, laughter, tears of joy and gratitude, for life. The secret for happiness is to make others believe that they are the reason. Make others happy to feel happy. When you feel low in life, a few things can lift you up. Sometimes, it could be a smile, sometimes a kiss or a hug, sometimes music or talking with your best friend but the best way to lift yourself up is by lifting someone else up.

In this practical world, it is very rare that people give something without being obliged to. Most people don’t seem to notice it; they have become numb towards the joy of giving, so had I. But the truth is, you feel overwhelmed when you deliver it with great panache, when you give without expecting anything in return. You might wonder if this is applicable everywhere but it’s the possibility that keeps me going, not the guarantee but a sort of wager for a better life.

Giving is just like breathing.

Pause for a moment while you are reading this and take a deep breath. Hold it as long as you can, do you feel uncomfortable after a point of time? Now release it and wear a smile on your face, do you realize how comfortable it is? It is the time to experience the joy of giving. Try it. Wondering where and when to start? Start from home. October 2-8 is considered joy of giving. Not too late to forget and not too late to start.

ImageCredits – Flickr


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