The gift of life

We constantly search for purpose in our lives, constantly wanting to be someone who we haven’t yet understood completely. The quest worries us more than it excites us. The countless dreams we are yet to achieve and the indefinite moments we are yet to live scare the living daylights out of us, for the fear of ‘not being enough’.

What if we are never meant to be enough – good enough, beautiful enough, rich enough, famous enough, happy enough? What if we are just meant to get better each day? What if there is no such thing called purpose? A definite purpose – we are always in a pursuit, a search, a longing for something that will one day make us happy, forever.

It doesn’t matter to most of us that we live through happy moments each day and we do embrace them.Yet we put ourselves under constant scrutiny and convince ourselves that this happiness is hollow. The sadness in our lives is not created by what we have already lost, but by what we are yet to find and the belief that we might fail at it.

And then we start dreaming about perfect days, successful careers and beautiful love stories, that will one day get us closer to something. Something, but we don’t know what exactly that something is we are seeking. Maybe that something is escaping through us, this very moment. But all we care for is that one day, some day.

What if that someday we believe in as truth, as poetry, is instead a fallacy, a lie, like soulmates, love at first sight, unconditional love, happy forever, purpose of life? And just when we think we are inching closer to that someday, we start realizing that we are nowhere close. That’s when sadness, frustration and depression start to seep in. And yet, we find it difficult to understand that today is more important than that someday.

What if the only purpose of life is just to live? The biggest gift of life. This sounds so simple to comprehend but not so simple to implement. The belief that such simple things can never fit into our definition of ‘perfect’ life, not only eludes us from the essence of life but also makes us chase something that we might never understand.


ImageCredits – BrainyQuote


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