Travel Diaries – Part 7

It’s not always easy to plan a solo trip on low budget. But a solo trip let’s you make your own plans, create your own experiences and live your own moments. And this particular trip of mine to Rajasthan helped me explore a little more on my own and enjoy a little more in my own company. The fort at Jodhpur and the desert near Jaisalmer were heartwarming just as much as the home for artists in Jaipur.

A night at the desert
I have experienced before the joy of laying down on the beach sand and staring at the sky. But this was different. A camel ride across the rare sand dunes during the day. The cold sand under the brightly lit moon light along with a cool breeze and a clear sky. My thoughts kept getting lost in the beauty and vastness of the universe. The realization that the light that reached me from over a thousand stars was a million years old, a little too difficult to comprehend.


12 at midnight looked beautiful under the moonlight like never before. I walked on the sand dunes as much as I could and got myself to a place from where it all looked the same in every direction. I was blank but I was happy in the moment. I felt alive and I had a constant smile on my face. I wasn’t worried about about anything and I had a sound sleep. I woke up to a beautiful sunrise next morning in the company of Ayn Rand’s work ‘Atlas Shrugged.’

A random conversation
I had booked the cheapest yet the most luxurious dorm for my stay at Jaisalmer. I happened to acquaint myself with an English guy. The usual European wanderlust person who worked hard at part-time jobs for 9 months to travel the world for 3 months, every year.


We spoke about cricket and football – the Indian craze and our common love for Liverpool. Politics and Science – Both our respective fields. Sex and society – The taboo and the culture. Brexit and Kashmir – he called his country’s desicion an embarrassment and I narrated him my country’s history. Travel and Plans – his global travel stories and my local travel diaries. We knew when to speak and when to enjoy silence.

Home for Artists
Jodhpur and Jaisalmer were followed by Jaipur. It was a last minute plan to visit one of the foundations called ‘Home For Artists’, started by Nimisha Verma, an initiative that provides a home to wandering souls, like her, who want tto make art. Amidst the dirt and heat of Jaipur, there was a home which gave shelter to talented and inspiring artists.


“There are no bad artists and good artists. Each one is an artist of their own kind.” She spoke to me about her tattoos and salvation, how she fought through her difficult days and what she dreams to achieve. A quality day spent talking to random beautiful artists about photography, events, painting and arts of all forms. The most energetic soul in the house was ‘Ustad’, a 2 month old restless but cute dog.




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