Let me try and re-live the moment again:

“I look at her straight, no detours. Her clothes cover her in a rebellious way. Her hair is midnight-black. And those beautiful little curls on the edge, gently flow over her shoulders.

She breaks into a smile and her lips curve into an ordinary grin. Her ordinary is stunning.

Her eyes set my heart a thump as she blinks slowly. Gorgeous becomes the word of the moment.

It’s for the first time in a while that a moment seems longer than usual. And probably, the last time for a while.

The sound of her name hits my ears and I’m in for a surprise. A name, a very familiar name that ignites old memories.

My lips break apart swiftly to produce the silent syllable ‘sh’. The tip of my tongue runs backwards for the ‘ra’. And then, it slips between my teeth with a subtle stress over the ‘dh’. The ‘a’ pronounced ‘aa’, stands long, as I call out, ‘Shradha’. The enunciation so perfect, if not for the absence of sound.

Her eyebrows incline slightly and I throw her a soft smile. She finds me. After three long years, carrying the same name, a similar aura but through a different soul.

Those pretty eyes acknowledge mine. I search for the tiniest hint of a smile. Not quite sure. My heart shares the slightest glimpse of hope for a bright future.

All that they say about heart skipping a beat, is no more an exaggeration to me. This feeling, this urge, at this place, at this moment, I’m lost for words to explain.

I’m being drawn to feel romantic until reality knocks me out.

She hurries. I wait.

Our eyes meet again, for one last time and then she turns away.

I wonder how long it will take for this moment to happen again.”

To be continued.


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