You’ll Never Walk Alone.

I’m one of those hopelessly hopeful fans, to whom if you had ever asked the question, “When will Liverpool win the Premier League?”, I would have replied “next season”, over the last 12 years. But Liverpool has been to me more than a club. I’m on cloud nine when the club plays great football or wins matches and I’m heartbroken, otherwise. There are a few things that make me feel proud when I say I’m a Liverpool fan.

The Gerrard Era

Loyal. Leader. Legend. Liverpool.


There are players and then there are living legends. He was the only reason I started supporting Liverpool. There have been a great many footballers who have walked, played and lived at this hall of fame called “Anfield.” From Dalgish to Rush, Alonso to Carragher, Torres to Suarez, but this particular name – “Gerrard”, defines the heartbeat of every Liverpool fan. Along the likes of Maldini, Puyol, Totti and Giggs, this man has been one of the most loyal club players in the modern football era.

Players like Gerrard can single-handedly win matches and hearts. One of the greatest mid fielders ever, Gerrard’s powerful long range goals and picture perfect assists can never be forgotten. I switch to Youtube as and when I can to watch his beautiful games and hear that one special line from a commentator, “How many times will he win games for Liverpool?”. He is a class apart and the fact that I could never watch him play live at the ground saddens me.

The Klopp Chance

I have always felt Rodgers should have been given a season or more but the modern world lacks patience. You meet the minimum expectations or you’re sacked, even if you were the club’s greatest player in history. But I’m glad, Liverpool found a great manager, a passionate dreamer and an inspiring person in Klopp. The energy that he has brought in and the passion he has cultivated inside the club as well as among the fans, he makes every Liverpool fan dream; dream big.

He creates the intensity, builds the depth and starts from scratch in building a beautiful team to play a beautiful game. He is expressive and his passion dictates his emotions on the field. The way he has molded and developed each player in the last one year has transformed Liverpool into one of the best teams. He has the power to make others believe; believe that a great club like Liverpool can re-create history and get back to where they belong.


The Passionate people

Each fan is passionate about his club and each club is passionate about it’s game. To me, Liverpool gave all that – a great history, a beautiful game and a strong team. Liverpool have been going through their share of ups and downs, over the last 2 decades and a little more. A couple of seasons, where the club missed it’s maiden trophy by just an inch. But that’s what a club like Liverpool can teach you about life. Life isn’t all about success, failures play an equally important role.

It isn’t always about being on the top, it isn’t always about winning. It is much more than that. It is about growing each day, staying strong through difficult times and more importantly, believing in dreams. I still get goosebumps when I re-think or replay matches like the 2004-05 Champions League finals or the 2015-16 Eupora League Quarter-finals. The passion that the team has and the energy that the fans bring in, cannot be expressed through words.

The Team Play

A touch. A build-up. A pass. A magic. A goal.

That’s the rhythm of Liverpool’s football on field where each player tries to give their best they can. There have been players who have sometimes won matches individually but the beauty of Liverpool’s football has been the team. The kind of magic they create and the kind of game they press on field make their opponents get nervous. The intensity and the passion of the club makes everyone believe that they are second to none.


I’m lucky to have been witnessing some of the greatest team plays. Be it Alonso-Gerrard-Torres, Gerrard-Sturridge-Suarez or Milner-Henderson-Lallana-Coutinho-Firmino, the passion strives when they create magic to score those beautiful goals. And to see that creation is as exciting as to celebrate after victory.  Like at Liverpool, we rightly say, “You’ll Never Walk Alone.”


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