Lazy me, Lady luck and Live Music

The story of an unusual day in my life to miss the flight, meet a pretty girl, be part of a social movement and witness Coldplay as well as Rahman perform live. Part 1 – Lazy me The lethargic and lazy person that I'm,a level that can be paralleled only to the logic behind Kejriwal's … Continue reading Lazy me, Lady luck and Live Music


You’re much more.

You're not who you think you are. Your life is yet to be filled with untold stories and unraveled mysteries, unsurpassed dreams, and untraveled places. You're all those parts that lie deep inside of you, unconquered by others, for only those parts can help you conquer your dreams. You're not just your failures, and moments … Continue reading You’re much more.

My life – A social awkwardness experiment.

If I deserve to ever get a PhD thesis published in my life, it would be on the topic 'how to fail at being a socialite/ how to practice being a socially awkward person.' While it takes about half a decade of experiments to become a PhD scholar, it has been a little over two … Continue reading My life – A social awkwardness experiment.