You’re much more.

You’re not who you think you are.
Your life is yet to be filled with
untold stories and unraveled mysteries,
unsurpassed dreams,
and untraveled places.

You’re all those parts
that lie deep inside of you,
unconquered by others,
for only those parts can
help you conquer your dreams.

You’re not just your failures,
and moments of rejection,
but also life’s little success stories
and parts of your loved ones
who accept you for who you are.

You’re not limited by
relationships, career and success.
You’re those memories and moments,
memories you’ll cherish forever
and moments that you’re yet to create.

You’re not defined by
what others think of you.
You’re those fears and hope,
fears that you face in your battle
and the shadow of hope you build.

You’re not bounded by
the search for purpose and happiness.
You’re those tears and smiles,
tears that you hold close to your heart
and smiles that win you hearts.

You’re all that and much more.
You’re imperfect and incomplete,
but you’re not limited,
by rules and expectations,
for a life beyond imagination.

But before you go tell that
to the world, tell yourself.
Tell yourself that you need to
explore, experience and embrace
a life filled with uncertainties.



ImageCredits – Pinterest


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