Random conversations with you

Leave a comment (or ping me) about what makes you happy or about any of the moments mentioned below and I shall try to write you a story or poem about the same. Or┬ámaybe you could write me one? I believe in the power of having random deep conversations and penning them down with intricate … Continue reading Random conversations with you

The last kiss.

I raced to give the last kiss before the sign of a goodbye. The muscles across her face performed the motions of a smile. The urge to kiss peaked it's interest beyond imaginations. I stood there trying to seek confirmation with a look. The look of being chained to the moment. The search for the … Continue reading The last kiss.

Musings of a lost soul

A momentary lapse of distraction, for what seems like a minute in eternity, and her thoughts wander about how she seems to be lost. Lost in life, lost in search. Her mind races to record them all. Beyond the irrelevance of her daily rituals, it dawns upon her with startling ease that there is hardly … Continue reading Musings of a lost soul

Life is a drink and love is a drug.

The first kiss You like her but you're not sure about the first move. You battle all your fears inside your head on the where and the how. You take a leap of faith and you lean forward. And when it happens, and when you realize she is returning it - that she just might … Continue reading Life is a drink and love is a drug.