Life is a drink and love is a drug.

The first kiss

You like her but you’re not sure about the first move. You battle all your fears inside your head on the where and the how. You take a leap of faith and you lean forward. And when it happens, and when you realize she is returning it – that she just might have the same feelings you do – the surge in happiness is almost infinite. You’re in the moment, right there, right then.

The heart beat

You’re afraid to do this again but she pleads with a tinge of a smile. You look into her eyes and you know she is ready. She is ready to steal your voice from you and trap your words in her heart. You start to reveal. Your heartbeats become one and you feel connected. You share untold secrets as you create unspoken promises. You let your heart lose to let it intertwine with hers.

The last chance

She rattles your cage. The her that dissolved in every breath of yours now vanishes into thin air, right in front of you. She is now a broken memory, in your breath, and in your smile. You realize she will never be a part of you again for reasons you might never comprehend. The last chance is a fallacy and you await a new life from your next breath.

They say life is a drink and love is a drug. Do you let life flow as it gets intoxicated by love? Not too sure, are you? Life is a story filled with fear of failures, punctuated only by the briefest moments of success as it remains united and divided by love.


ImageCredits – Love and Above

TitleCredits – Hymn for the weekend, Coldplay


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