Musings of a lost soul

A momentary lapse of distraction, for what seems like a minute in eternity, and her thoughts wander about how she seems to be lost. Lost in life, lost in search. Her mind races to record them all. Beyond the irrelevance of her daily rituals, it dawns upon her with startling ease that there is hardly a thing that makes sense.

She is lost because she wants to do so many things but the fear that she is good at nothing makes her give up everything. To say that she is lost will be an understatement. No clue who she is and no clue what she wants from life – all she knows is that it sure as heck isn’t this.


She looks straight through her mind, and deep down into her shrunken heart as she senses her long agony. The search for magic in her ideas and fire in her actions to stop the thoughts that keep haunting her about how she is wasting her time, each day. And, at long last, runs a glimmering of hope, a whisper of better direction for a lost soul.

For only when she is lost, does she start to know herself better. And it’s only when she loses herself, she starts to think a lot about herself, analyze a lot about herself. She scans through her abilities and dives often into retrospection. A retrospection that rides and indicates the wave of change from who she was to who she is.

She drops the exhausting notion that she needs to have it all figured out, and she dives head first into the deep waters of uncertainty. It’s in this direction she gains confidence to do things as she is now ready to take risks even though the very direction is uncertain.

She is lost in pursuit of something that promises untold wonders yet to come.

ImageCredits- Unlost

Content Credits- Gurleen


4 thoughts on “Musings of a lost soul

  1. The essence of the content is awesome…today we young generation are constantly searching for our aspiration and face many challenges but we shouldn’t loose our hope…we should figure out problem and analyze it…confident too… I really like the content…


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