The last kiss.

I raced to give the last kiss before the sign of a goodbye. The muscles across her face performed the motions of a smile. The urge to kiss peaked it’s interest beyond imaginations.

I stood there trying to seek confirmation with a look. The look of being chained to the moment. The search for the right time to deliver seemed to be ticking away at a rate faster than my heartbeat.

We drew our lips closer to complete the unraveled portions of our thoughts. I remained unsure about the presence of a mutual feeling until that moment.

We traversed through the moment with emotional precision. She did not stop, but I knew that she had stopped the moment in my mind.

That moment passed as well, like every moment that ever came, even the ones that neverย belonged to us. We dissolved intoย the moment within the reach of a forever.

That momentary forever continues to exist, somewhere back in time, even when I’m left with no choice but to move ahead.

A chapter with no introduction ended with a kiss. A kiss to mark the beginning of a new chapter, perhaps.

Should that kiss be left hanging in the darkness of the touch belonged to that moment alone?



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