Of all the times I give up after failed conversations or failed first impressions, I am trying to pursue this one. Why? I might never know. Maybe, it is her name. Maybe, it is the vibe that she carries. Sometimes, it feels silly. Sometimes, stupid. She probably is a busy person. Or is she the … Continue reading


The noise inside my head.

There are days when I feel I'm on top of the world and then there are days when getting up from bed is an ordeal. And just when I am struggling to get up from my bed, I stumble upon┬áthis happy online post of a friend. He seems to be the person who is sorted … Continue reading The noise inside my head.

An unexpected notification that made me smile

It's very difficult to best guess what unexpected yet surprising thing can make you smile from ear to ear. I opened my blog today to find notification from Fetina Twinkle, the author at http://purpleorangesite.wordpress.com Versatile Blogger Award. Thank you so much for the nomination. This means a lot. You've a lovely blog out there. Cheers! … Continue reading An unexpected notification that made me smile