I’m a hypocrite.


I am eager to reap the fruits of success
but I’m not yet ready to struggle or fail.

I look down at people chasing fairness and looks
yet I’ve approached girls based on prettiness quotient.

I’m in pursuit of love and happiness
but avoid the tags of pain and attachments.

I lose my mind when someone breaks traffic rules
yet it’s okay if I skip the signal when I’m on the run.

I feel sad for folks addicted to drugs and alcohol
while my share of heavy dopa-mine is from social media.

I frequently curse corrupt people of all backgrounds
but I fail to report the corrupt cases around me.

I sit there day dreaming about creating a revolution
while I refuse to step outside my comfort zone.

I’m a hypocrite who wants to see change
and I’m theΒ common man who is not ready to change.


ImageCourtesy – Becoming Peculiar,Knowji


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