Building castles in the air.


One is always dazzled when he sees in others
the qualities that he lacks himself.
Qualities like grit, trust and love
that he desperately wants to associate himself with.

It was a ritual to lose himself in moments
that dictated the taste of a  kiss
or the depth of a conversation
he unfolds in the form of a broken memory

While stories from his past about betrayal
failed to dance in rhythm with the tunes of hope
that pearl-drops of love will cleanse his heart
and wash away his sin

A late realization dawned upon him that it is not
as easy to commit suicide as to contemplate it.
And that there is no definite path to
his misconceived concept of love.

But one thing took deep root in him
the conviction that love is the basis of things,
and that trust
is the substance of all love.

And yet again,
he began building castles in the air.

PhotoCredits – LucidFly

ContentCredits – Mr. Anonymous


8 thoughts on “Building castles in the air.

  1. This is beautiful…
    You are really talented. Do you think that one day you could write a song for me?
    First, thanks for following my blog.
    I use this moment to ask for a favor…
    I made a song and posted it on my page. I’m trying to get exposure so I’m asking if you can share the song with 5 people, and ask each of them to share it with 5 people etc…
    Thanks in advance 🙂

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