My heart beat wildly as her eyes moved to my lips. It took no conscious second thought for me to glance down her mouth, her full, sculptured lips – perhaps just the second thing I noticed about her on our first sight - the other being her glittering eyes that stole my breath, so unusual…Read more



Of this world half-lit, much uncertain, my pursuits break loose and tie again. For I know in this world, amidst the disputing breaths, nothing will ever be the same again. I scavenge for the truth on the other side of time where I fall into the burden of destiny. The truth which skips me by…Read more Kaleidoscope

The art of breathing and how it saved my life.

Scuba Diving in Maldives. I was a fool to think it'd be easy. With half knowledge on how to swim and hardly any practice in ages, I still assumed it would be a cake walk. Little did I know the art of breathing would be a game changer. Half hour past watching the training video,…Read more The art of breathing and how it saved my life.

Pursuit of a thousand dreams.

I'm restless in my journey like teeth that clutter in extreme cold, like strings of an instrument that resonate, sometimes in sync, sometimes otherwise as I hold that rage to chase my unconquered dreams. I'm uncertain about my direction unlike letters lost in the middle of a palindrome, unlike the rebirth of sun after dripping…Read more Pursuit of a thousand dreams.