Pursuit of a thousand dreams.


I’m restless in my journey
like teeth that clutter in extreme cold,
like strings of an instrument that resonate,
sometimes in sync, sometimes otherwise
as I hold that rage
to chase
my unconquered dreams.

I’m uncertain about my direction
unlike letters lost in the middle of a palindrome,
unlike the rebirth of sun after dripping sunsets,
amidst the broken notion of a meaningful life
as I burn time against time
to find
a life filled with purpose.

I seek the truth
to lead a path towards enlightenment,
to breathe like an awakened soul
whose thoughts nibble and immerse
deep beyond
a life
that cuddles death and fallen stars.

I fight everyday
with words in search of meaning,
with dreams in demand of grit
in my life filled with ambitions
as it yearns
for both terrible things
and beautiful things.

I’m in search of those broken words
stolen from the heel of my tongue
and those unstable dreams
snatched away by the fear of failure.
Maybe then I can find
the truth
that so aches to be found.

I’d be ceaseless
in my pursuit of a thousand dreams,
breaking away
from the cacaphony of shattering thoughts
while manifesting my wildest desires,
conquering my darkest fears
and capturing those promising betrayals.

ImageCredits – Pinterest


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