My voice gathers.


The day I was born,
the rules of patriarchy
carved themselves in my thoughts and words,
notions settled in my thick blood
that humans are defined
only as “men” and “women”,
that men are dominant,
that men are powerful
and more importantly (disturbingly)
that men are protectors.

As I started to grow,
those notions took root
deep inside the structure of society.
Men as either rapists,
bystanders or protectors,
women as victims and to hell with
rest of the community.
But somewhere, somehow
a few voices rose,
a few movements defied gravity
to reach heights
and the fight against patriarchy began.

As I started to grow,
I began to witness things.
Things that I’m ashamed of.
The mere existence of women’s
breasts and skin
offend certain men
and the display provokes them.
The definite requirement
of a man to make sure
a woman reaches home safe and early.
The ignorance, the mockery
and the ill-treatment on LGBT community
because they are who they are.
The things that I’m ashamed of
come from the society
that smells of promises and goodness.

Of those who bask
in the glory of another’s bodily warmth
and consume the length of their dignity.
Of those who expect
women to hide
behind doors of steel and strands of cloth.
Of those who claim
a certain community
to be impure, infected and unworthy of life.
Of those who can’t stand
rejection of women and
show their hollowness in the form of rape and acid.
And yet peel others,
layer by layer,
physically and mentally.

My voice splits
and my thoughts struggle to take a place
where the world crawls
and chooses to mock
“men” who feel shy to approach women,
“men” who cry,
“men” who are assaulted
and men who fail to act as “men”
defined by the imaginary rules of patriarchy.

The enemy here isn’t men,
tradition or religion
but patriarchy
that has moved into new dimensions.
We claim to be modern
in utterance
and in faith.
Yet when the sun drowns
at the end of the day,
a million souls still sink
to the bottom of the hierarchy
defined by the rules of patriarchy.

Despite a million speeches
that come at the end of swiveled tongues,
patriarchy has dived deep
into sports, pornography and politics
that celebrate male dominance
in strength and supposed intellect,
into cosmetics and fashion
that celebrate women’s artificial beauty,
into societies
that stand by self imposed definitions
and fail to accept people for who they are.

My voice gathers like splinters
the ghosts
of all those souls
that fought with rage.
The ghosts that still linger
not to fight for gender equality
but for gender inclusiveness
and to fight against patriarchy.
Patriarchy that
and discriminates
against men as well.

ImageCourtey – Quotefancy


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