Of this world half-lit, much uncertain,
my pursuits break loose
and tie again.
For I know in this world,
amidst the disputing breaths,
nothing will ever
be the same again.

I scavenge for the truth
on the other side of time
where I fall into the burden of destiny.
The truth which skips me by an inch
and within that inch I seek to be free
as I inherit a thousand destinies
that never become.

My fingers itch around
the temptress
of an imaginary instrument
labelled the ‘Kaleidoscope’.
My fingers crumble and rise again
in semblance, in search
of clairvoyance. 

To weave a beautiful pattern
of coloured glasses
and decorated pebbles
through a Kaleidoscope
in my life
that is evenly incomprehensible
and periodically unconsolidated.

To make a dent on this planet
where volcanoes erupted,
and meteors rejoiced
in their bloody dudgeon,
their dismal entirety.
To reflect beautifully
like a kaleidoscope.


ImageCredits- Kieron Cropper’s Kaleidoscope Collages, Pinterest


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