My heart beat wildly as her eyes moved to my lips. It took no conscious second thought for me to glance down her mouth, her full, sculptured lips – perhaps just the second thing I noticed about her on our first sight – the other being her glittering eyes that stole my breath, so unusual in my life, especially when eyes meet at the first glance.

I’d never quite learned the art of stealing a first kiss instead of asking for one. Even though there was no other soul in miles, I leaned forward to whisper into her ears, “I feel tempted to taste your lips but I wouldn’t do it until you ask me to.” I traced back to the same position as I pondered the question inside my head until I heard her giggle. She shook her head in acceptance and it took a few milliseconds for what followed.

The exhilarating scent of her cologne sent my senses whirling and made me lose myself in the warmth of her breath as we brought our faces closer. The moment continues to exist on the back of my mind as I recall the scene where she couldn’t resist closing her eyes. My lips were parted slightly and her breath almost suspended till our lips reached each other’s.

I sensed her lips becoming bolder and stronger as they moulded mine into her own. Everything in me melted as I gave myself up to this kiss I’d wanted for so long, but had never dared to hope for.

I ran my hands through her long, loosely curled hair as we fell back against those pillows. She deepened the kiss, and I clung to her. When she finally pulled back for a moment, I uttered her name, once, breathlessly, just once. I waited for her to open her eyes and soon I found her staring back, the pale turquoise light behind her eyes aglow. I unbuttoned her shirt and I watched the stars swirling above me follow the trail around her half-covered soft breasts.

We helped ourselves undress each other till we were bare naked. I was in awe of her beauty. Her touch so soft; lips like fire, made both sink more into my endless desire. Deep kisses and sweet touches felt on the skin, the lust was immense, as we caressed the most sensitive places that urged to be touched and fondled.

I clutched her waist by my palm and started drifting my mouth with pecks, first on her forehead, her chin, her neck, her breast and then her navel. I cusped her delightful breasts with my hands as I ran my mouth below her waist to give her a taste of my passion. Our tongues were making arcs, she moaned and softly pleaded for more, my fingers touched inside the wet areas, more and more.

And the next moment, she grabbed me and twisted me around on the bed before I could react. Her strength amazed me. She moved on top of me before sliding downwards to rub her face over the growing bulge between my thighs. She played around as I gasped for breath. I pulled her back up and entered her in a slow motion, holding by her soft thighs. She orgasmed and we made love like never before.

Our movements grew more frantic, lifting and plunging, over and over. The squeaking sound of the bed matched our level of intimate passion. I looked into her eyes and I found the same passion. She pouted as I smiled; her bottom lip wet and pink. “But this will not happen again.”, she said. She leaned forward, planted a kiss on my cheek. She placed her hand over my racing heart, and then let her fingers crawl down my body. She stopped at my waist and looked up at me imploringly, “I belong to you now, ‘only now.’ You can’t change that.”

“You’re amazing”, I said, possibly, in a passionate tone. She shook her head and sighed in disbelief. Even in that she looked good enough to melt my bones.

She turned and looked away, not saying anything for a few moments. When she finally spoke again, her voice was husky. “I’m full of passion, but the only way I know to let it out is through lust.” I shook my head again but this time in denial. “Perhaps, I’m not what you need.”, she said. Her voice, a fierce whisper. She untied the silver line at this moment.

The slamming hands, the rhythmic squeaks slowed and finally died away, leaving me to only the sound of my gasping breaths. She collapsed against the pillows and I started to gaze at her star-spattered breasts trying to decipher the script over her heart.

We held our bare other, in silence, looking upwards at the ceiling. I tried to hold onto it as long as possible. “Even if you disappear now, I’ll still keep looking for you. And when I find you, I shall once again ask, ‘Can I make love to you?’ so you can remember us, remember our moments. Nothing else will ever matter.”

I wondered where you can find such complete moments.

Well, passion is where you find it, and you’ll find passion in such broken memories.



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