There are times when I'm caught up in the stream of life that rolls past me. A stream filled with moments that capture my highs and lows, moments when I'm lost in a cultural frenzy of validation and attention or moments when I build an unconventional dream to succeed and inspire. There are also times … Continue reading P.A.U.S.E.

At the dawn of broken dreams.

Amidst indefinite dreams to conquer and extraordinary things to achieve inside the valley of hope, my valiant thoughts fight to seek a good night's sleep inside a cozy blanket that hides my fears and failures. In between seven summits to climb and seven oceans to cross, those countless shells of pursuit, my glorious heart aches … Continue reading At the dawn of broken dreams.

I envy that.

I envy that in you. That little thing you own. That little thing which belongs to you but never reaches your own eyes unless it's a beautiful reflection or a captured memory. That little thing which gently rises across your lips and illuminates the world around you as it spreads. Your smile. A simple yet powerful … Continue reading I envy that.

Fractured Silhouette.

Not every sign of hope will betray when you're lost in the sanctity of muddled thoughts. Not every ray of sunshine will vanish when you're hovering in the horizon of perpetual darkness. Not every shade of light will fade when you're obscured in the silhouette of fractured spirits. Not every castle of dream will break … Continue reading Fractured Silhouette.