The forgotten values


The values we tried to imbibe
through a pledge, an oath
in synchronous harmony
by the side
of a bounded book,
when we were naive
and we chose to believe
in the system
that smelled of
equality and peace,
that encouraged us to practice
honesty and trust.

As we sought those forgotten values
across the world
in between melancholy and joy,
we found them go missing
from our lives.
Deeply etched in memories,
those values come to haunt us
at the dawn of the falling light,
along with the hopes we burnt
and the people we hurt,
the disparities we created
and the stories we narrated.

Amidst the disputing thoughts,
the values touched our laconic hearts.
Yet we failed to practice
what we preached.
And we learned to accept life,
in its burdened symphony
where discrimination prevailed
and warfare rejoiced.
In broken dreams
and promising betrayals,
we continue to seek
and fulfill our burning desires.

PictureCredits- LinkedIn


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