I envy that.

I envy that in you.

That little thing you own. That little thing which belongs to you but never reaches your own eyes unless it’s a beautiful reflection or a captured memory. That little thing which gently rises across your lips and illuminates the world around you as it spreads.

Your smile.

A simple yet powerful thing.

Do me a favour and smile for a reason – no particular reason. Smile because it lights you up. Because you can win hearts with it. Because the world needs it. Because you are next to someone. Or because you’re reading this. Either, just shamelessly and effortlessly bring that beautiful little thing into existence, once again.

You know that feeling when somebody says they smiled because of you. Perhaps, it was a sweet gesture? A pleasant surprise? A mischievous act? A gentle kiss on the forehead? An obvious prank? Or just because you smiled at them first? When somebody tells me my words make them smile, a jolt runs through my spine that gives me goosebumps and I get ecstatic.

We take it for granted but little do we appreciate the power of a smile. How many times have you recalled a pleasant memory that continues to exist ahead of time? How often do you smile for moments together and in those momentary lapses, you lose yourself? How often have you tried to steal a smile from the heel of someone’s tongue? Your sweet crush, a little child or a random stranger?

And perhaps, we live completely in those little moments. Moments when we smile.

Those moments of little achievements? Those failed attempts at flirting? Those midnight sessions starring at the beautiful sky on top of a mountain or by the beach side? Those memories of the first kiss, the first hangover, the first trip or the first mischief? Those moments of adrenaline rush after a proposal, an adventure sport or a positive result? Those instances when your heart stopped while looking at someone drop-dead gorgeous? Those instances when your parents felt proud of you? Those childhood memories? Those dirty messages you received?

Do you have such moments that just made you smile? Drop a comment or leave me a message about those little moments and make me smile too. I’d be glad to hear from you.

PictureCredits – Pinterest


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