A promising tomorrow

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You know the thing about broken hearts or failures? Perhaps, you already do.

But before we choose to agree or disagree, it is necessary we understand that we all fall victim to the tidal wave of thoughts and emotions that form a bubble beneath our thick, yet wounded skin. The thoughts that boggle us down as soon as we fail or the emotions that dictate our actions after a break-up. We all have survived the storm that came with failures or breakups and yet we are left with hidden scars and unfulfilled dreams for no one can survive a storm unscathed.

You’ve often searched for someone to complete you. And you found that someone, a few many times. Maybe, some lasted for years and some, just a night. Your skin still longs to fall back into those familiar arms that knew every crevice of your body while you’re still left with touches that mean nothing anymore and tastes of kisses that are yet to be forgotten.

You’ve always tried to achieve your dreams to light the fire in your heart. And you built those dreams, quite often. Maybe, a few over decades and a few just for seconds. Your dreams are now wrapped inside the quilt of comfort that you let go to chase those dreams while you breathe a different kind of magic and all your strategies drown inside of you.

Now, you’re like a broken puzzle and when you pick your pieces up, you don’t seem to fit together.  You’re a different person and it is important that you get to experience different things to help mould you in ways you never thought you’d walk across. You’ve always hoped to anchor your wild heart to capture your countless dreams. And you’ve always hoped to find someone to cover up your scars with kisses. Well, dreams are not meant to be captured but built and scars not meant to be covered but exposed because they are all parts of what define you.

And to hear the anthem of success and love, you look at the broken sky, the irony. As you’re left reaching out for the last mirage of a broken world, you crumble under the realization that your dreams are not made of illusions and that your heart is not sculpted of stone. Someday,  the cracks on your skin, filled by broken dreams and broken love, will speak of a life well lived, of pain that is uniquely yours.

Perhaps you’ll find yourself again somewhere between a broken today and a promising tomorrow, along a thousand breathtaking sunrises. Somewhere between a chaotic struggle that destroyed you and a hopeful journey that you want to explore, you will be okay. Somewhere between stifled cries and natural smiles, you’ll become who you so want to be.

To breathe love and success, someday, you need to wake up from the world that has shown you an end, an end to just a part of your life. The rest of your life awaits your knock at its door.

You know the thing about broken hearts or failures? They don’t remain that way forever.

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