Iridescent Light


Slipping down into the memory lane,
an iridescent light reminds me of her words
that cast a long shadow over me.
Words she dropped on me like cigarette ashes
as they burned and left a mark on me
of how imperfect I was,
of how she was never meant to be
even an incomplete part of me.

Embroidered in heaven’s cloths,
her fragile skin had a touch so soft
that curled my hands around her body.
A touch I hope to never find again
so that I can keep longing it forever
in broken memories we created,
in promising futures we dreamt
but never built.

Amidst the agony and the reminiscence,
my semiotic thoughts rise above
on the edge of the unknown.
My moulded heart, an unknown tyrant,
whistles and beams aimlessly,
just a delicate whisper
of a light that soaks me bare,
under the scorching glare.

To hear unbroken words
and taste unfelt touches,
my unconquered parts set me on a voyage.
A maiden voyage of a new iridescent light
I seek in the unheard direction
of acceptance and hope,
acceptance of the time that already crawled
and hope for the time yet to be created.

ImageCredits – A spot of whimsy


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