Rebirth of fallen stars.


My mind expands in awe
as I look up at the stars
and contemplate
the mysteries of the universe
amidst the indefinite search
for tranquil moments.

I try to find the ones in those stars,
the ones who created gods and corporations,
the ones who built nations and empires,
the ones who invented machines and money,
the ones who created art and philosophies
and eventually the ones
who split the atom and reached the moon.

I so urge to be among
the glorious ones
in rebirth of those fallen stars
that I fail to live
and struggle for precious moments
on this desolate planet.

The moments lost in kisses and hugs,
moments relived in memories and dreams,
moments covered in smiles and surprises,
moments spent with loved ones and in solitude,
moments that discovered adventure and comfort
and perhaps even those moments
that sought adrenaline rush and belongingness.

ImageCredits – Flickr


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