At the dawn of broken dreams.


Amidst indefinite dreams to conquer
and extraordinary things to achieve
inside the valley of hope,
my valiant thoughts fight to seek
a good night’s sleep
inside a cozy blanket that hides
my fears and failures.

In between seven summits to climb
and seven oceans to cross,
those countless shells of pursuit,
my glorious heart aches to reach
a few many destinations
in the shadow of a moment that makes
me feel complete.

Of thousand adventures to embrace
and infinite stories to create
on the edge of tomorrow,
my captivating interests hope to meet
somewhere on this uncertain journey
in lieu of a direction that shatters
my haunted desires.

Along successful goals to chase
and stolen hearts to win
at the dawn of broken dreams,
my divine soul struggles to search
for shared solitude
within the reach of a forever that takes
my breath away.

ImageCredits – Album by Aimer


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