There are times when I’m caught up in the stream of life that rolls past me. A stream filled with moments that capture my highs and lows, moments when I’m lost in a cultural frenzy of validation and attention or moments when I build an unconventional dream to succeed and inspire. There are also times when I get caught up in issues that burn the living daylight out of me, issues that feel so heated and important, but really aren’t.

There are moments where noise overpowers silence and it all becomes a little too easy to forget. And in those moments, I look for a pause. A pause that lets me introspect as I seek magic in there. More often than not, I find that pause in solitary moments and the cacophony that clouds my head to liberate itself for the ease of magic. In that magic, I find the tiniest of reaffirmations that everything within my realms is possible. I find those moments when I’m lost in an act. An act that could be found at different stages of my life.

A cool breeze smothering over my face on a long journey when my headphones are plugged into my ears. A trek up the  hills to a high altitude peak where the sky is crystal clear and I find myself staring at the beautiful sky filled with stars and a charming moon by the lakeside bounded by snow-capped mountains. A breathtaking book that provides me with perspectives like never before and makes me transcend to an altogether different world. A scintillating reverberation in the form of music that makes me want to grove to the delicacy of it’s rhythm.

And each of those acts share a story, no definite story but something that strikes a thought in me. Maybe, it’s a little fairy dust or a long forgotten truth in those acts that ignite a thought in me. A thought that fights for me to keep believing in myself even during times when I don’t believe in myself. And each of those has been a good pause, a soul clearing and mind transforming pause. A pause in all it’s capacity that makes me shed the ties of attachments and expectations. A pause that turns on my imaginations and possibilities. A pause that makes my heart feel light even if the moment is only fleeting and makes me realize the beauty of life.

ImageCredits- QuoteFancy


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