Such bullshit and more.

You're probably going to hate me for this. Well, I used to believe in these things and took each word for granted. I, just like most other innocent beings, believed that my life will be dictated by these stupid things until I stepped outside and got to laugh at the stupidity. I'm talking about those inspirational … Continue reading Such bullshit and more.

Travel Diaries – Goechala. 16,200ft.

You've no idea how amazing those 10 days of my life were. Have you ever been lost in the surreal beauty of nature's changing landscapes? Have you ever been swept by fierce joy while being in the moment? Have you ever been aware of the spectacular attunement created by the elegance surrounding you?  A 10 day … Continue reading Travel Diaries – Goechala. 16,200ft.

Random ramblings of a balanced mind.

It's funny how one moment I'm lost inside the words of a book that describes the elegance of our universe and the beauty of a human brain or a book that provides an insight into the inspirational vision of a future that aims at longevity and solving world problems through cutting edge technology. And the … Continue reading Random ramblings of a balanced mind.