Random ramblings of a balanced mind.


It’s funny how one moment I’m lost inside the words of a book that describes the elegance of our universe and the beauty of a human brain or a book that provides an insight into the inspirational vision of a future that aims at longevity and solving world problems through cutting edge technology. And the next moment I’m absorbed in the sanctity of muddled thoughts that make me worry about success, money, career and relationships.

I’m often caught between the optimism of a world that yearns to transcend biology and the plague of everyday human psychology. Sometimes, I am excited to prepare myself for the future that humanity hopes to create with the promise of a better world and rest of the times, I laugh at the stupid fact that we are all hell-bent and absorbed into the imaginary fictions like money, nation, religion and fame.

Maybe, we need stories based on these imaginary fictions to survive in a society whose rules we dictated in our past but struggle to cope up with in our present. Maybe, a future promising the realms of the unknown is what will take to inspire us to build a new reality and live in it without norms or insecurities. While humanity is trying to outpace biological evolution with it’s own creation of artificial intelligence, I find it funny how we have not yet achieved gender inclusion, financial inclusion and social inclusion.

As much as we can credit ourselves for the evolutionary success in terms of achievements, we still have a long way to go. An Utopian society may never be possible as that might lead to boredom but a human life devoid of struggle from loneliness and suffering is what I dream for each day. In between that dream and struggle is where I’m caught. And I’m glad to be caught in this cycle of life with no illusionist meaning that I need to give in order to lead a happy life.

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One thought on “Random ramblings of a balanced mind.

  1. Have faith.. human consciousness is evolving for the better . Have you noticed many famous and powerful people falling from grace due to lack of integrity? Scandals are exposed… but it may take generations for Utopia to arrive. 😉

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