Wonderwoman – Defying the norms.


After ‘The Dark Knight’ trilogy, Wonderwoman is the superhero film that kept me hooked. Given the fact that I’m not a comic buff, this movie taught me so much more. A superhero film on a female lead directed by a female director – Just Wow! – What a movie. But perhaps, that’s where I’m wrong – most of us are wrong. Maybe it’s time we stop crediting women for breaking norms but instead we credit them for the work they do.

For an industry that is predominantly male dominant, this movie is a welcome change. Be it the unusual scene where the lead actress saves the life of the lead actor or the awe-inspiring scene of a complete women battalion marching on their horses to defend their land, this movie defies the imaginary norms. A right movie released at the right time for all the right reasons – Yes, I stole that line from an anonymous reviewer. A subtle feminist movie with the perfect ingredients.


Gal Gadot aka Wonderwoman is now not just an inspiration or example of self-empowerment to other women but also to men, like me. She embraces female power, the need for love over hate and peace over war eloquently throughout the movie. Perhaps what she does even more is discover herself and help other women discover themselves. Gal Gadot will go down in history as a role model for women who seek to be both physically strong and profoundly compassionate. Well, not just women but a role model for anyone who seeks to be so.

PS: My fingers did itch around the temptress of labelling Gal Gadot also as a stunningly beautiful woman but I’m rather proud of the restraint I showed. So far. I can’t stop dreaming about the possibility of meeting her in this life.

Ignore the next line if you haven’t yet watched the movie, I warn you. I don’t partially agree with Wonderwoman’s statement that women don’t need men for pleasure. Such a heartbreak.


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