The heartbeat in my silent words.

Faceless unrecognizable man with hood

There are times when asked the question
‘Who are you?’
I don’t sound like the way I want to be heard.
I claim to identify myself as a man as per the norms
but not all my challenges be solved by “growing a pair.”
Occasionally I get called as a reader, writer or speaker
yet I’ve been lost for words in a thousand conversations.
Sometimes I’m like a cigarette: dangerous and stupid,
sometimes I’m just as beautiful as an unsolved puzzle.

But more often than not, when asked the question
‘Who are you?’
I really don’t have anything to say.
Sometimes I remain silent not in search of words.
I don’t really know the moment I learned silence
but remember I’m lost in silence
trying to constantly edit my life story,
hiding behind metaphors that describe me,
and yet pursuing a thousand different dreams.

When asked the question
‘Who are you?’
Listen to the heartbeat in my silent words that say:
I’m just someone around the corner
someone who is worth a thousand dreams,
someone who tastes fear and anger just like you,
someone who tries to spread compassion and hope.
And someone who succeeds to convince my shadow
that I’m someone worth following.

ImageCredits – Chuck Neighbours


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