Dialogue. An end to mark a new beginning.

“Sometimes the greatest adventure is simply a conversation” – Amadeus Wolfe.

Its been almost a year since I started Dialogue. A forum that brought people together to create, share and discuss ideas. I started this forum with a single idea of enhancing communication and discussions among people to add value both at an individual level and at a community level. A lot of beautiful minds have come together during my sessions to brainstorm as well as open up to different perspectives.


The sessions ranged from ‘how to be a good public speaker’ to ‘how to initiate a conversation’, from ‘Space Science’ to ‘Design Thinking’, from ‘Book Treasure hunt’ to ‘Creative Writing’ and from ‘Breaking Gender Stereotypes’ to ‘Creating an Inclusive Society’. In each of the sessions, people were divided into groups of 5-6 and my job as a facilitator was to make sure they were engaged in solving a problem, accomplishing a task, understand a concept, brainstorm ideas or share opinions.

Each participant had the opportunity to share their ideas and listen to varying opinions during the sessions. I’ve always believed in the power of conversations and dialogues in a coherent manner. And I’d like to believe that my sessions left a significant mark in the lives of at least a few people and it will come to their use somewhere, sometime. I hope to find such Dialogues happening in the future.

Dialogues were personally a huge learning experience for me that restored my belief in the power of ideas and discussions to create a better world. As a facilitator, I learned to create a safe space for each participant irrespective of the group size. As a founder, dialogue has marked a huge stepping stone in my ability to shape my dreams and make actions speak louder than thoughts.

Design Partners – Yellow Cursor

Venue Partners – Innov8 Co-working Chandigarh

Now, it’s time to say goodbye until again.

See you on the other side.

Signing off,
Arvind Vairavan,
Former Founder/Facilitator, Dialogue.

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