Kareri Lake Trek:


This trek is a relatively lesser explored trek on a glacier lake.  For an avid traveller looking forward to explore the Himalayas, Kareri Lake trek is a promising one that is filled with spruce trees, a serene stream and green meadows. A night at the Kareri Lake under the moonlight will entice both first time trekkers and regular trekkers. Kareri lake trek could be wrapped in a weekend or within 3 days. The secluded region covered by the Dauladhar range of mountains will definitely add to the stunning view of the lake.

The itinerary is as follows:

About 500 kms away, Dharamshala is a 10 hour ride from Delhi. Alternatively, if one is travelling from Chandigarh, it is about 250kms or 6 hours bus ride. One could easily reach Dharamshala in the early morning over a night journey from either of the two places.

Dharamshala to Ghera Village,17kms

Ghera to Kareri Village, 9kms

Kareri Village to Kareri Lake, 8kms

One could take a shared taxi or board a bus from Dharamshala to Ghera Village. The first bus starts at 8am and the last one at 3pm. It’s easier to avail a taxi if one is travelling in a group. Ghera is about 1-2 hrs away from Dharamshala.

After reaching Ghera, one has 2 options. Continue further if the taxi driver is proceeding to Kareri Village which might take about 45 minutes – 1 hour further. Else, one could take the trail that follows the river after crossing the bridge and reach Sari Village. It is another 2km long ascend from Sari Village to Kareri Village though rhododendron forests. The trekker has the option to camp at Kareri village, stay at the Forest Rest house on seeking prior permission or avail Home-stay facility for an additional night.

The actual trek starts from Kareri village. The uphill trail from Kareri Villahe has occasional stretches of stairs, in the form of huge stones, till one reaches a man made bridge. The rest of the trek is a pretty steep climb for an hour followed by a levelled trail for 30-45 minutes with descends and ascends in between when one reaches the Harote campsite. The sound of the river during the entire trail is music to one’s ears and the beautiful sights of meadows as well as dense forests is a visual treat.


One could choose to stay at Harote for a night, if term permits.From the campsite, an ascend for about 2-3 hours will take one to the Kareri Lake. The last few minutes of the trek will be covered in boulders and one is expected to cross the river at a suitable place to finally witness the beautiful lake. The site offers multiple camping spots. The campsite also has a Shiva temple as well as a local shop. One could choose to return back from Kareri Lake to Dharamshala via the same route next day.

Things to Note:

  1. One should always stick to the trail next to the flowing river. The stream runs down from Kareri Lake just after the glacier starts melting.
  2. The frequency of jeeps from Dharamsala to Ghera is uncertain, and jeeps from Ghera to Kareri even more so.
  3. It is recommended you carry a your own poncho, sleeping bag and tent. One could always joing a trek group or rent the items from Dharamshala.
  4. During season, one will find about 5 shops that provide food and snack items. There are plenty of water sources on the trail.

Season To Visit: April to June, September to October

Alternatively, one can do this trek via the longer Kareri Lake circuit, via Mcleodganj.


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