An ocean of silent words.


I try to find an ocean of silent words and
let the waves carry me across to a world
that accepts everyone for who they are.
Queer or straight, male or female,
monogamous or poly-amorous,
white or yellow or brown or black.

As a straight male, I enjoy a good majority
and I hope not at the  expense of the minorities.
But before I swim across, I want to take a chance.
I want to stand up for them, but if I do
whose unbroken silences over tables
will those ignorant people rest their feet on.
I want to stand up for them, but if I do,
what if some ignorant person takes my spot
and continues to ignite the fears.
I want to stand up for them, but if I do,
what if some ignorant people think I’ve been sitting
this whole time faking who I am?

Perhaps I want people to like everyone for who they are
more than I want to change the world,
more than I want to remain accepted
for being a straight male.

We have made some paint their skin
to allow us to let them celebrate and stand up.
We have given them all the reasons
to fear what we try to stay out of.
Fear of judgement, fear of ridicule.
And the worst of all, fear of abandonment.

Who do we think we are?
Why do we feel uncomfortable around them?
Why do we make it so obvious which makes them uncomfortable?
And in the end, everybody is uncomfortable.

Maybe it’s time, we as a society, as a culture
make ourselves feel more comfortable, more inclusive
and accept everyone for who we are.
Maybe there is more to celebrate than a parade.
Maybe there are voices yet to be heard.
Maybe people don’t need sponsors
or spectators or someone standing up for them.
Maybe I should forget standing up for them
and I should choose to stand up with them.

ImageCredits – Metropole Vienna


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