Since the dawn of the written word.


We’ve pondered over the how questions
and sought asylum in the labels thrown around
since the dawn of the written word.

‘How much can I do with someone before I can talk about it?’
‘How close to the cliff can you get without falling off?‘
‘How close to evil can I sneak without being labelled for it?’
A slut? A whore? A player? An addict?

The word Sex has felt like such a dirty topic.
Yet we love it so much behind closed doors and
under the cosy blanket with the fear of being caught
Yet we know life would cease to exist
in the absence of desire and birth.
The whole existence of the word was, Wrong,
It makes us
and sometimes even horny.
Yet, instead of dwelling on those feelings that make us human,
we try to avoid them like the dirt we framed around the word.

Sex is not the Voldemort of this world.
Let’s talk about sex as much as we do it or more.
Sex is not an accident that happens
when we trip over each other
and our clothes burn in friction
as they fall off with mutual consent.
Let’s talk about sex.
As it preserves our breath from breath
carefully lets us explore new horizons
and create life from life.
Such is the decoration of the word.
Let’s talk about sex.
Let’s just sit around, feel comfortable to have
an open and adult conversation about S-E-X.

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