Since the dawn of the written word.

We've pondered over the how questions and sought asylum in the labels thrown around since the dawn of the written word. ‘How much can I do with someone before I can talk about it?’ ‘How close to the cliff can you get without falling off?‘ ‘How close to evil can I sneak without being labelled … Continue reading Since the dawn of the written word.

An ocean of silent words.

I try to find an ocean of silent words and let the waves carry me across to a world that accepts everyone for who they are. Queer or straight, male or female, monogamous or poly-amorous, white or yellow or brown or black. As a straight male, I enjoy a good majority and I hope not … Continue reading An ocean of silent words.

Moments and Promises.

Those moments they wander, urge and yearn for more amidst the clouds of despair where the memories daunt and the hope awakens. Moments where my lips parted under the darkness from her freckled cheeks and my mind embraced the thoughts of distilled solitude.   My promises are no more alive neither in her claims nor … Continue reading Moments and Promises.

At the dawn of broken dreams.

Amidst indefinite dreams to conquer and extraordinary things to achieve inside the valley of hope, my valiant thoughts fight to seek a good night's sleep inside a cozy blanket that hides my fears and failures. In between seven summits to climb and seven oceans to cross, those countless shells of pursuit, my glorious heart aches … Continue reading At the dawn of broken dreams.

Fractured Silhouette.

Not every sign of hope will betray when you're lost in the sanctity of muddled thoughts. Not every ray of sunshine will vanish when you're hovering in the horizon of perpetual darkness. Not every shade of light will fade when you're obscured in the silhouette of fractured spirits. Not every castle of dream will break … Continue reading Fractured Silhouette.

The forgotten values

The values we tried to imbibe through a pledge, an oath in synchronous harmony by the side of a bounded book, when we were naive and we chose to believe in the system that smelled of equality and peace, that encouraged us to practice honesty and trust. As we sought those forgotten values across the … Continue reading The forgotten values